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Told the leonine exiled contessa,
"If you promise to love me, I will marry above me,
And the greater will cleave to the lesser"

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sap Rising
tentative menu
3/4/13 thru 3/8/13
Mon.     Vegetarian Chili, Chipotle Black Bean Soup, Brown Rice Salad, Hummus Wraps, Pear and Pepper Jack Panini
Tues.     Vegetarian Chili, Split Pea Soup, Pumpkin Couscous Salad, Hummus Wraps, Pizzettes
Wed.     Vegetarian Chili, West African Peanut Soup, Greek salad, Hummus Wraps, Avocado Hero
Thurs.   Vegetarian Chili, Sweet Potato-Chipotle-Fresh Sage Soup, Moroccan Carrot Salad, Hummus Wraps, Caesar Salad Wrap
Fri.       Vegetarian Chili, Onion Cheese Bisque,  Black Bean and Corn Salad, Hummus Wraps, "Jerry" Reuben Panini

Music Menu
Boys in The Band

The low down on this week's menu - Bosc pears, pepper jack cheese, mango chutney and  homemade focaccia. Pizzettes on Tuesday will probably be pesto, baby spinach, tomato and mozzarella. Avocados will probably be ripe enough for the hero on Wednesday, but this isn't a sure thing. We see the return of our own jerry reuben this week.
News from the dark side - 'Hope you all enjoyed the complimentary Opus cocoa & chai at the Felice Brothers show Thursday night and the "Trashion" Show Sunday afternoon.
-This Monday at Opus 1 we bring you... the Jerk Tofu Wrap! We have Sir Sean Henry Smith to thank for the introduction of this menu item.'
Last week I explained everything  you need to know about the O2 hummus wrap, including how much chocolate eating one allows you.
Last week we illustrated the difference in daylight minutes between Fenway South and Clinton, NY

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