The google-eyed science professor,
Told the leonine exiled contessa,
"If you promise to love me, I will marry above me,
And the greater will cleave to the lesser"

Sunday, February 12, 2012

No se puede vivir sin amar 
Malcolm Lowry, Under The Volcano
tentative menu
week of 2/13/12 thru 2/ 17/12
Mon.     Vegetarian Chili, Spicy White Bean and Sweet Potato Soup,  Caesar Salads, Hummus Wraps, Cheddar and Apple Panini, Chocolate Cheesecake
Tues.     Vegetarian Chili, Gingered Butternut Soup, Dragon Noodles, Hummus Wraps, Barbecued Tempeh with Cornbread - Coleslaw-and Beans, Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Brownies
Wed.     Vegetarian Chili, Roasted Red Pepper and Coconut Soup, Mediterranean Corn Salad, Hummus Wraps, Antipasto Hero, Volcano Brownies
Thurs.   Vegetarian Chili, Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup, Greek Salad, Hummus Wraps, Blue Moon on  a Bagel, Mint Chocolate Brownies
Fri.       Vegetarian Chili, Cuban Red Bean Soup, Edamame Salad, Hummus Wraps, 5 Spice Tofu Wrap with Thai Peanut Sauce and Asian Vegetables

Music Menu
I can't wait 'til  we  take our blood tests,
Oh, baby, let's take our blood tests now!

A head's up on this week's tentative menu - 
On the off chance that I have an extra couple of hours  Wednesday morning, the Antipasto Hero  will become an Artichoke Calzone.  Things are looking pretty good for the menu this week, the only real wrench could be produce delivery times.
News from the dark side - Official sources declined to share any news with us this week. Unofficial sources, though, claim Disco is not dead.
Last week's personality of the week was Daniel.
  • engage him in witty repartee and see for yourself 
Last week we profiled our Hummus Wrap.
Last week's psychedelic clown of the week was Hugh Romney - Wavy Gravy. Still going strong.
Happy Birthday, Kristen.

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The work-a-day world takes its toll,
You may gasp for a grasp of the Whole,
To trade virulent clatters, for something that matters,
Put your hands on the shape of a bowl.

Personalities of the week: Steph and Sophie; Hands to work, hearts to God.